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How to wear your bumbag?

There is just no sexy or cute name to give to the fanny pack. She also goes by other names like bumbag, slingbag or waistbag.

Back in the days the fanny pack was worn by your old fashioned Uncle who did hiking holidays and wore them with sandals. But now a days you cannot imagine the fashion runway without it! Not only do you look smoking hot while wearing it, it is also damn practical when you are out at a party and you need to bring your party essentials.

And things get even better when you have a bumbag that you can wear 2 ways. Our Sheena bumbag has that feature. You can wear it as a shoulder bag and a bumbag!

But how do you prevent looking like Uncle bumbag and actually look cool wearing a waist bag? Here are our tips:

1. around the hips

This is the classic way to wear, hanging around loosly on the hips, just the way the bumbag was meant to be. Wear with straight leg jeans and vintage sneakers.

2.around the waist

Take it a step further and wear the bumbag high in the waist. Like a waiste belt. Combine this look with a oversized tshirt or blazer.

3. crossbody

This look is already fully integrated on the festivals. You basically do not visit a festival without the bumbag. Wear it crossbody style and this way you have everyting you need within reach and kept safe close to you.

4. on your back

Yes wear the bumbag as a backpack. Just cross the bumbag all around to the back so you have maximum moving space!

5. shoulderbag

No, wait, what!? Yes the Sheena bumbag is a smart number. By adjusting the belt and buckle to your size and twisting the bolts from belt mode to BOLD mode, this beauty will hang around your shoulder in no time.

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