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Our Bali Feels ring

Bali is known for so much beautiful artwork; wood, fabrics, stones and of course silver.

Together with one of Bali's finest silversmiths we have designed a ring that symbolises what Bali means to us. We have mixed the tradition of craft with the beach and wanderlust feels we love Bali for!

In our design you will find the two best things Bali gives us! The frangi pani flower and the coconut trees. All the teeny weeny details are hand created. Each little pellet is hand sculpted, the palmtree and frangi pani is handcut and no design is the same.

The rings carry with them so much culture and history. This crafting technique is an

ancient old Balinese skill. There is only a small amount of artisans left in Bali who dare to make these designs. Because of the detailed work and many hours that go into this, many silver-artisans are hesitant to take on this job.

We have the honour of working with one of the best silversmiths in Bali. Ketut is a true creative artist, whatever idea we throw at him, he always delivers with an amazing handmade design or motive. Together with him we came up with this unique and one of a kind design; Bali silver design, frangipani flowers and palmtrees.

This ring symbolises the ultimate Bali, bohemian and wanderlust feel. We feel that we truly have a gem in our hands and we can't wait to share this with you!

Can you spot me in the pic below?? The most left; most of the people think of me as a Balinese, which I found very odd in the beginning. I felt so Dutch, but how wrong was I! This is a picture with our Bali Family! Ketut the Silversmith, his wife Iluh and his four children. One of the twin boys has been born with a disability. And for this group there is no extra help whatsoever. So I am so happy that they are raising their son themselves and the rest of the family in the best way they know how. It makes me extra happy with every jewlery order I get, I get to give Ketut work also!

And do you know what the best thing is about our collaboration? It all came about thanks to the fluffy friend sitting on my lap! Ruby the Kintamani Bali dog <3. Ketut and me used to be neighbours and I would borrow their dog Ruby to join us on long beachwalks! And now we have a wonderfull arrangement; Ruby lives with us most of the year and he often goes "Pulang Kampung" to his Bali family.

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