Mooch is collaborating with the amazing brand MUJO. MUJO offers quality pieces inspired by the slow fashion and slow living movements. Each garment is designed to be comfortable, stylish, minimalist, versatile, high-performance, durable and perfect for all body types!


Their besteller is the 10-in-1 jumpsuit! Minimalist and multifunctional, this jumpsuit fits perfectly in your suitcase and is easy to maintain! The essential item of any great traveler who appreciates comfort, simplicity without neglecting elegance! It can be worn on the beach, in town, at the spa or at home!


Made from a fabric called TENCEL®, the Bali jumpsuit from MUJO is perfect for tropical temperatures. TENCEL® is a unique product made from Eucalyptus pulp, a tree that grows quickly with a low supply of water and pesticides, thus TENCEL® is much more ecological than certain other materials. It also allows better management of humidity and therefore perspiration.



Wear it in a jumpsuit or overalls, harem pants, long skirt effect, balloon dress or even beach kimono. A deep V neckline gives it an elegant and bohemian style. Wear it with a headband, swimsuit or dare naked! Adjustable tie straps allow you to wear it in different ways. The suspenders can be tied, hung or intertwined and can be adjusted to your size. The two straps on the back can be tied freely for a bare back look or to tie around the bust. 


The length and width of the legs can be adjusted with knots or via the inner side buttonhole band. You can also tighten the waist if you pass it through the 2 small holes positioned at hip height, allowing air to pass through.

10-in-1 BALI JUMPSUIT bl

SKU: 4
€ 139,95Price

    • One size fits all
    • Coconut buttons
    • Natural performance
    • Soft, light and durable fabric
    • Smooth texture perfectly suited for sensitive skin
    • Easy to transport and easy to maintain
    • 2 large side pockets
    • 3 secret pockets to put passport, cell and cards

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