Bali Feels Plum ring


These Bali rings carry with them so much culture and history. This crafting technique is an ancient old Balinese skill. There are only a very small amount of artisans left in Bali who dare to make these designs. It is because of the detailed and hours of hand made works that goes into this, that many silver-artisans are hesitant to take on this job. 


All the small details in these typical ethnical Bali rings are handmade and hand created. Each little pellet is hand sculpted, the palmtree is handcut and no design is the same.  

We have the honour of working with one of the best silversmiths in Bali. Ketut is a true creative artist, whatever idea we throw at him, he always delivers with an amazing handmade design or motive.  


This ring symbolises the true creative heart of Bali.

Bali Feels ring Plum

€ 98,00Price
    • After placing your order, we hand make each ring personally for you.
    • You will order your ring as a PRE-order. 
    • Choose your ring size and which color stone you would like. (Make sure you get the right size!)
    • After receiving your order we will start shopping for your stone and let Ketut execute his magic.
    • Remember, no stone is the same. We will look for the stone that closest matches your request, but it will alyways differ.
    • Count 1 week for production 5 days for shipping to your home address.
    • Due to the bespoke work, we cannot exchange or return your ring.
    • We will keep close contact during the process.
  • All the rings are made with 100% silver sterling 925

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