These beautiful handwoven ikat throws are made in Sade Village, Lombok, Indonesia. After meeting the Ibu-Ibu's at the beach and seeing all the beautiful ikat prints they carried with them. We just fell in love with the beautiful colours, colour combination and prints. We had to have them in our collection.


The Lombok throw is 2.40 meters long and 1.40 meter wide, which makes it perfect for many situations; beach, picnic, bed- or sofa cover or as wrap around you during chilly Indian Summer nights.


Or even use them for wall hanging and fabric wall art to add some interesting texture to your home. 



Lombok Aguling throw 3

€ 39,95Price
    • 100% LOMBOK cotton. Throw blankets do not include any harming materials to human health. Our throw blankets are very lightweight, soft and have a comfortable texture
    • ELEGANT, SOFT and DURABLE. Our blankets are pre-washed. 
    • VERSATILE; Use to your imagination! Bring it to the beach to have the boho beach effect, place it on your sofa bed or couch. Wrap yourself in it during Indian Summer nights. Perfect for camping or picnic trips.
    • GIFT; who would not be happy receiving this colourful throw; wedding, housewarming, friendship.
    • MADE IN LOMBOK; Our throws are made in the small town SADE in Lombok. And sold on the streets by many Ibu-Ibu's.
    • The LOMBOK THROW: has a great versatile size; 240x140 cm.

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