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Welcome to our Lifestyle label. 

Where we aim for A Life of Sundays. Where the mind is free, and the soul is happy. 

That Sunday feeling where you wake up on a hot summer day, where the sunrise is peeping through the window waking you up with a glimmer in your eye. Where the day is all yours to plan. Where you can be lazy, and where the spontaneous ideas decide how your day goes. The feeling of the free and go lucky and who are forever chasing the sun and waves.

A life of Sundays
So there you go, you are in charge, you lead the way. So aim for it, aim high and try to design your life of Sundays. And live in the most magical fairytale ever imagined. 


We hope we inspire you to redeem your life of Sundays. And that you join us in our adventures and never stop dreaming. 


Dani; based in Bali, but born and raised in Holland; "I am living the life I love. Always seeing opportunity where ever I go with whoever I meet. Durably working with local craftsmen for leather bag designs, silver and gold jewellery Bali and accessories. For where Mooch grows, the craftsmen grow! When I am not riding my scooter to buy craft supplies, I am on my board chasing waves."


Together with Ave in the Netherlands, we set the foundations for a Mooch lifestyle of Sundays. 


Ave; "I am the Mooch gatekeeper, I keep things sane, stylish and strategic. For me "a life of Sundays" is a mindset. In fact, I'm not there yet! But I am in charge to create this lifestyle. The combination of this mindset, Dani's vibes and Mooch are my motivation to organise my life in such a way as to live a life of Sundays! No matter where I am..."


Bound by blood, by taste and by vibe, we are two connected souls who form a little gang that when together we make an unbeatable combination and do things beyond imagination !


We design from the heart and want to deliver to your soul.


With Love,  

Dani & Ave

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