I am totally in love with my Bola bag by Mooch. It has two compartments so plenty of room for me to store my essentials without it becoming too bulky. The ‘hidden’ compartment is what makes this bag unique. It is beautifully crafted out of soft leather that maintains its color. A fine addition to my wardrobe and an eye-catching accessory that goes with any outfit. The Bola bag is my go to bag and I want it in all colors!



Have always loved Mooch's creations! They are unique yet timeless, durable, functional and oooh so cute to have... Sometimes I just lay in bed pondering whether to buy another bag or not... Also I love how Mooch incorporates some Indonesian touches in their products.. A beautiful balance between East and West ️



In luv with my golden Sheena bag. I wear it as a cross-body bag. And when I wear a skirt or a dress I use it as a hipbag. And although the bag is small, it fits everything! This is a perfect bag for festival lovers. But I just like it so much...I use it every day.



I bought my bag while i was in Bali and couldn’t decide on the color, cause they all looked so good. So I decided to go with black and i am super happy that i got that one. It fits with every outfit. The quality of the leather is really good, you can see that with time it will only look better. I love wearing the bag as a belt, everything fits in



I adore my Bola bag. I love the color, I love the size. I always carry a lot of little things with me, and this purse is the first that fits everything I want to bring and still looks super pretty. It's also the purse I get more compliments on than with any other purse I've ever had (and believe me, I own a lot!). The quality is wonderful and the leather feels great.


Deze geweldig zwarte tas helemaal vanuit Bali, moet je in je bezit hebben! Je kunt er echt een hoop spulletjes in kwijt is van geweldig zacht leer en staat werkelijk met alles😍 de kleine variant brons/goud is eveneens supergeweldig, omdat je ‘m ook als heuptas kan gebruiken en erg makkelijk voor als je bv naar een festival gaat of zomaar een feestje waar je natuurlijk een prachtige Eyecatcher om je middel draagt♥️ ik zit nu nog te twijfelen of ik die hele mooie zeegroene tas ook nog ga bestellen.🥰🥰🥰 Dames ik zeg sla je slag voordat het uitverkocht is!!!!

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