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Moutmask, to wear or not to wear?

Wearing a mouth masks, does it make sense? is it a good idea? Opinions about this are strongly divided. If you came here for a medical or a principal point of view. We are sorry, we cannot provide this for you.

The only thing we unanimously agree on, is since we have to wear one by law in Holland and Bali, we might as well make it as fun as possible!

This two-layer non-medical and reusable mouth mask has room to breathe and is air permeable.

Aunt Pipit (55) from Bojong Gedeh in Java, normally sows batik shirts and other designs by

request for the people in her village. Unfortunately there is less available, so she has devoted herself to making Batik print mouth masks.

Mooch thinks the prints that aunt Pipit chooses are so nice and colorful and would make a fantastic accessory! We therefore embrace the mouth masks in our collection! And remember with every mouth masks sold we donate 1 euro for the silver project of ketut in Bali.

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